If you are local to the Bristol area and want an insight into the condition of your home’s electrics then EMC Electrical Group are your expert, domestic electricians who provide EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Report) for homeowners in Bristol.

EICR for homeowners by EMC Electrical Group Bristol

Why do I Need an EICR?

As a Bristol homeowner, you are responsible for any damage which occurs to your home. This is why is it important to complete an EICR at least once every 10 years to check the condition of your overall electrical installations. This should be sooner if your fusebox is older. Many electric components are unseen which means faults and damage may go unnoticed until they cause disruption or harm.  An EICR will allow you to understand the current condition of your electrical systems and advise if any immediate action is required. If you understand the condition of your home’s electrics, you will lower the risk of dangers which can happen to a person or your property. This is why EICRs are important for homeowners.

Understanding Your EICR

An EICR’s results are graded by four codes. These are:

C1 – This means danger is present and there is risk of injury. Immediate action is required. A C1 result could be a result of exposed wires, broken sockets, or deteriorated insulation. 

C2 – There is a potential danger and urgent action is required. This means there’s not an immediate danger but could lead to a hazard very soon and should be rectified quickly. A C2 result could be a residual current device which doesn’t trip when tested.

C3 – Improvements are recommended but do not need immediate action as there is a lower level of risk. An example could be that your wiring does not meet current regulations.

F1 – Further investigation is required. An inspector has discovered something that needs to be examined more closely.

A C1, C2 or F1 code will mean that your EICR inspection was unsatisfactory and needs immediate improvements.

What Happens if my EICR Fails?

Older home electrical systems are more likely to fail due to not complying with current regulated standards. If you were to receive a failed EICR, it is important to make the necessary updates to your electrics within 28 days to improve the safety for people within the home. Once the appropriate changes are made, the result of your report will be changed from unsatisfactory to satisfactory by your electrician.

EICRs for Homeowners in Bristol

At EMC Electrical Group we don’t cut corners. Our priority is to make sure your electrics are safe. We provide a thorough inspection, taking our time to inspect every part of your electrical installations from wiring to circuits. We understand that money is tight for everyone right now which is why we offer competitive prices. We are Part P registered and NICEIC approved, putting customers minds at ease that all work will be compliant with building regulations. 

If you would like to discuss your electrical needs in more details, call our friendly team today!