Are you in need of an electrician who can carry out PAT testing in your Bristol building? EMC Electrical Group, are your local, trusted, qualified electricians who undertake PAT testing in Bristol for companies and landlords to ensure the safety of their appliances in their business. 

PAT Testing by EMC Electrical Group Bristol

What is PAT Testing?

Formally known as Portable Appliance Testing, a PAT test examines an appliance, checking for faults and damage. This includes everything from fridges to fans. If it plugs into a power outlet, it should be PAT tested. 

A competent electrician will carry out the PAT testing inspection. They will firstly look at the plug and lead for faults or damage and then proceed with an inject test. This will check the appliances integrity. The results of a PAT test will determine whether there are any dangers present and if it can continue to operate. Following a PAT test, an electrician will provide a detailed report of all the tested appliances and whether they have passed or failed. All appliances will have a visible pass or failed label attached with details of the inspection date, the next test due date and the inspector’s signature. This is the most secure way a landlord or company can comply with legal obligations whilst maintaining a high level of electrical safety in their building.

The importance of PAT testing?

It is a business owners’ responsibility to ensure their employees or tenants are working and living in a safe and hazard free environment. If any electrical dangers were to come from an electrical appliance, the business owner will be liable. Even though PAT testing is not a legal requirement, the law does state that a business owner must have appliances assessed regularly to prevent any danger. By instructing routine PAT tests, a business owner will know the overall condition of an appliance and can be reassured that no faults or dangers are present. 

How often should PAT Testing be carried out?

There are no rules on how often appliances should be PAT tested, however it is good practise for companies to test appliances yearly. This reduces the risk of electrical shocks, fires or injuries. 

Landlords should PAT test appliances before a new tenants move in, and every 2-4 years after depending on the appliance. 

PAT Testing Electrician in Bristol

PAT testing must be carried out by a trained and knowledgeable electrician who can assess appliances for safety purposes. An individual without experience will be putting themselves and others at risk if they choose to do their own PAT testing.  EMC Electrical Group are your domestic, commercial and landlord electricians in Bristol with the qualifications and skills to safely carry out PAT testing in your Bristol building. We are NICEIC approved ensuring companies that we can comply with regulated standards and can safely handle your appliances. 

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