Did you know PAT testing has changed its name? To stop the confusion of what checks need to be carried out on portable appliances, the name has officially changed from PAT testing to EET. EMC Electrical Group are your local and trusted EET electricians in Bristol.

PAT Testing to EET - EMC Electrical Group, Bristol

PAT Testing to EET - EMC Electrical Group, Bristol

What is PAT Testing?

PAT testing is a process where any plugged-in appliances are inspected to ensure they are safe for everyday use. These inspections are often carried out by business owners and landlords to protect their employees, tenants, and visitors from electrical dangers. Performing routine PAT tests will help identify if there are any potential faults or failures within an appliance which should be removed from the building.  

PAT Testing to EET

There’s a clear and simple reason why PAT Testing changed its name to EET. PAT testing stands for ‘Portable Appliance Testing’. The word portable quite often caused a confusion over what needed to be tested. Many believed it was only portable appliances such as toasters and laptops which needed inspecting however this is not the case. With a name change of EET (Electrical Equipment Testing), the confusion of what needed testing has been eliminated. Despite this aim of reducing any confusion, the terms PAT and EET are interchangeable with both often used.

The Importance of EET

Companies and landlords are responsible for the health and safety of people within their workspace or property. Although PAT testing is not a legal requirement, a landlord and business owner must have safety procedures in place to ensure a safe environment. Carrying out regular EET testing enables a business to understand the condition of their appliances and identifies any hazardous issues. Any faulty appliances found during an inspection can be removed to ensure employees and customers are protected with only reliable electrical equipment being used. There is no requirement of how often an EET should be carried out, but an annual inspection is highly recommended. 

How is EET performed?

PAT testing or EET testing should only be performed by a professional electrician. They have the knowledge and tools to safely inspect your equipment to give a reliable result of an appliance’s functionality. During an inspection, a trained professional will firstly inspect the appliance for visual damage such as cracks, loose wiring, or discolouration. The next part of the test includes a portable appliances tester device which checks the equipment’s integrity. If an appliance passes the inspection, it will be issued a sticker with the electrician’s signature and next testing due date. If an appliance fails the inspection it must be removed from use immediately. 

Your local PAT testing to EET Electrician

PAT testing should only be conducted by a professional especially in high-risk environments. It’s easy to carry out a visual inspection regularly to find minor damage but manual testing must be performed by an expert who understands electrical equipment. If you need a reliable electrician to inspect the appliances in your workspace, EMC Electrical Group can help. We are Bristol’s local, NICEIC approved contractors. Contact us today to book in your EET inspection.