This is exactly what EMC Electrical Group’s Operations Manager, Craig O’Brien is doing.


Food poverty should not be happening! The current economic climate means that it is on the increase. At EMC Group we are raising funds to support our local community via the Break Free Project, run by the Community Of Purpose (COP). It is aimed at tackling child food poverty in the local area. 

Craig will be undertaking the WORLD'S BIGGEST 48 HOUR RUNNING CHALLENGE – the 4X4X48 Challenge . Craig will run 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours! on Fri 3RD – Sun 5th March 2023. 

Craig O'Brien
“I know this will be one of the greatest physical challenges that I've faced to date and I will be driven throughout this challenge because I recognise how hard it is for young people to function without a good meal inside them...and if that didn't already feel tough enough...I've decided to do it whilst wearing a 5kg weighted vest." 

Craig’s motivation...

Growing up and living in South Bristol I understand the challenges that some families face. I would like to do my bit and play my part in helping to eradicate holiday hunger so those children who are in receipt of free school meals during term times don't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from during the school holidays. 

I am undertaking a huge physical challenge to help raise vital funds for this truly great cause.  So, as an ambitious fella, I'm going to attempt to step it up to 4.4 miles per each 4 hours run – this means instead of the 48 miles, the usual challenge distance, I’ll hit a total of 52.4 miles meaning it is two marathons overall. And if that didn't already feel tough enough....I've decided to do it whilst wearing a 5kg weighted vest. I aim to start the gruelling physical challenge at 8pm on Friday 3rd March and finish around 4pm on Sun. 

Craig O'Brien - Justgiving campaign
"Please, please, please, Help me, help others via the JustGiving page - I’m very grateful for all support afforded to me!"