Did you know emergency lighting is a legal requirement in commercial and industrial buildings for the safety of staff and visitors? Due to the importance of emergency lighting, it is essential to make sure they are always working correctly. Businesses are responsible for keeping up with emergency lighting inspections to ensure the safety of their employees and visitors. EMC Electrical Group are your local and trusted emergency lighting electricians in Bristol.

EMC Electrical Group, Bristol - Emergency Lighting Inspection

EMC Electrical Group, Bristol - Emergency Lighting Inspection

What is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency lighting is an important feature of commercial and industrial buildings. Its purpose is to provide a well-lit route for anyone who’s inside the building during an emergency. This helps a person evacuate the premises safely. If your unfamiliar with the building, emergency lighting will guide you safely to an exit and illuminates the way so you can avoid obstructions.
If emergency lighting is not sufficient, then there will be sudden darkness, physical dangers and panic to anyone inside the building. This can increase the risks to a person, and they could potentially hurt themselves. A business owner could be liable if harm is presented to a person due to insufficient lighting. This is why it is important to regularly check your emergency lighting to ensure the safety of your Bristol premises.

How Often Should Emergency Lighting be Inspected?

Emergency lighting should be tested monthly to make sure they the lighting is full operating. It is also important to carry out annual checks where a qualified electrician will perform a full 3-hour inspection. These are critical operations to ensure the emergency lighting system is working correctly in the event of an emergency.

How is Emergency Lighting Inspected?

A monthly inspection of emergency lighting is performed by inserting a key into the test switch and turning it on to test mode. This will illuminate the emergency lighting and show they are working correctly. It is important to check the lighting to make sure they have come on. It can then be switched off after the checks have been made.

An annual emergency lighting inspection will take much longer.  A qualified electrician will test the emergency lighting for a full 3 hours. During the inspection primary lighting will be switched off and the emergency lighting should illuminate throughout the entire process. If the lighting does not pass the assessment, then repairs must be immediately made to ensure the safety of people who need it during an emergency. Emergency lighting must comply BS 5266 safety standards.

Emergency Lighting Electrician in Bristol

EMC Electrical Group in Bristol are fully qualified and insured to work on commercial and industrial properties. We can assure business’ that their emergency lighting inspections are performed thoroughly to a compliant Standard. If your premises emergency lighting is due for an inspection, then don’t delay in speaking with our friendly team. We can assist with your emergency lighting inspection and will carry out any necessary repairs. Call us today!