A commercial LED lighting upgrade will bring a host of benefits to your Bristol business.

Commercial LED lighting installed by EMC Electrical Group

LED lighting has revolutionised lighting technology and has many advantages over older lighting styles in terms of efficiency, longevity, and financial savings. EMC Electrical Group are your local commercial LED lighting upgrade specialist in Bristol. Our experienced electricians have been assisting businesses across the South-West improve their lighting installations for many years. We are here to tell you more about the benefits of upgrading your lighting to LEDs. 

Energy Efficient Commercial LED Lighting

LED light bulbs use less energy to produce a greater amount of light than a traditional bulb type. This makes them an incredibly energy efficient choice for lighting your commercial premises. In fact, LEDs are on average 80% more energy efficient than older bulb styles. Upgrading your existing lighting to energy efficient LEDs will mean that you see some serious reductions in your electricity bills. With energy costs spiralling this can make a huge difference to your energy related outgoings, particularly in larger commercial sites. 

Long Lifespan Commercial LED lightingđź’ˇ

LED lighting has an exceptional lifespan, making them an excellent choice for commercial premises. An LED light installed at your Bristol premises will last for around 50,000 hours whereas a traditional bulb will typically only last 1000. To put that into perspective, if you left your lights on continuously that would be almost 6 years of constant light from one bulb! Upgrading to led lighting will mean you will need to buy replacement bulbs far less often, making some significant savings.

Low Maintenance Commercial LED Lighting

We have already discussed how the long lifespan of a commercial LED lighting upgrade at your Bristol premises will have a positive impact on your finances but there is a further benefit too. LED lightbulbs are highly durable and suffer from very few maintenance issues. They can withstand vibrations, fluctuating temperatures, and shocks without damage. This means less time and money is lost to maintenance. This is particularly relevant in commercial locations with high level lighting that requires specialist equipment to access the lighting safely. 

Eco Friendly Commercial LED Lighting🌱

Upgrading the lighting at your Bristol commercial premises to LEDs will not only bring financial benefits but will also provide a reputational boost to your business’ eco credentials. LED lighting is energy efficient, recyclable, and contains no harmful chemicals such as mercury that are present in other bulbs. This makes them the most eco-friendly option for your commercial lighting and demonstrates your business’ commitment to minimise your impact on the planet.

Health and Safety Benefits of LED Lighting

From a health and safety perspective, LED lighting is a much safer option for your Bristol premises. LED lighting emits very little heat and is therefore less likely to cause a fire. Lower heat loss also means that an LED lighting installation won’t cause your premises to become hot and uncomfortable. LED lighting is easier on the eye. Unlike traditional bulbs that flicker and can cause eyestrain, LEDs create a constant light that is comfortable to work under for extended periods.

Commercial LED Lighting Design⚡

EMC Electrical Group are experienced LED lighting electricians in Bristol. Our fully qualified and NICEIC registered electricians have created LED lighting installations for businesses across various sectors of industry including offices, warehouses, and retail settings. Whatever your Bristol commercial premises, we can design and install LED lighting that helps your business to shine. 

Contact our team today to discuss your commercial LED lighting upgrade.