PAT testing is also known as portable appliance testing. It is the most reliable way to ensure that your electrical appliances are safe to use and up to standard.

Why should I get it?

PAT Testing is how you ensure the safety of electrical appliances which then extends to the safety of your employees, customers and yourself. Electrical safety is a serious matter and PAT testing is a way of being proactive to minimise danger and thus mitigating risk.

Do I need PAT testing?

Landlords do have an obligation to ensure and maintain a high standard of electrical safety throughout their rental properties. By having appliances PAT tested, it’s a great way to protect the tenants and prove that you have ensured electrical safety to the best of your ability. PAT testing is vital for businesses and sole traders that use electrical appliances on other people’s premises e.g trades people using extension leads or mobile hairdressers plugging in a hair dryer.

Having your electrical appliances PAT tested in these scenarios means you can be sure that you won’t damage other people’s electrical circuits through faulty appliances. If found liable for the damages, it could cost you hundreds of pounds to have repaired. This is also beneficial for your insurance if you can show that your electrical appliance was PAT tested as this would help prove you weren’t at fault, if something did go wrong. Some businesses require third parties to have all of their equipment PAT tested before using any of their sockets, again making PAT testing vital for businesses that work in various locations.

When do I need PAT testing?

The frequency of PAT testing varies due to a number of factors. As a rule of thumb, the more an electrical appliance is used and moved around, the higher the frequency of tests. Once every 2 years could be applicable to most appliances that are mostly static however it can vary with the age of the appliance, if there was previous damage a number of other variables. For appliances that are regularly moved around and under strain, inspections should be carried out once a year.

Process - how?

One of our highly skilled and qualified electricians at EMC will be able to carry out the PAT testing for you. It involves a visual inspection of the appliance, the plug and the lead.

Additionally for Class 1 appliances, your EMC electrician will also inject test signals into the appliance and the cable. This part of the test ensures the integrity of the equipment. Examples of Class 1 appliances include fridges, microwaves, kettles and more. Class 1 appliances have both basic insulation and an earth connection to protect the user.