At EMC we carry out fire detection and alarm system inspection and servicing reports. This is typically for landlords and commercial property owners and managers.

Landlords have a legal requirement to ensure an appropriate fire detection and alarm system is fitted in the property. This can be determined by a risk assessment. Procedures should be established and be carried out on a regular basis, ensuring that both the tenant and landlord are fulfilling their legal responsibilities regarding fire alarm testing.

Why should I have my fire alarms tested?

It is extremely important for landlords to take fire safety seriously. The risks of experiencing a fire in a rental property are reported as being significantly higher than non rented accommodation. It’s crucial that landlords properly maintain fire alarms and test them regularly, not only to meet legal requirements but also to save lives and protect property.

A fire in a property can cause devastating damage, quickly leaving it uninhabitable. It also results in costly repairs and loss of rental income.

When do I need it?

As a landlord you have a duty of care. Failure to show you have maintained the safety of a property could render you liable.

We therefore recommend a 6-monthly check by a qualified professional. This is especially important for HMOs, letting agents and private landlords.