Complete re-wiring systems 

At EMC Electrical Group we are often required to carry out a full electrical rewiring of an existing system. This could be for a number of different reasons including, moving, removing or adding new sockets, replacing old faulty electrical wiring and even to move large appliances around a room. 
Our systems are fully certified to current legislative standards. 

Why should I re-wire? 

The 2 main reasons you may need to re-wire your electrics are because you need to replace faulty systems that have been flagged up during an EICR or perhaps you want to improve the ergonomics or even aesthetics of your current system. For instance if you have a brand new kitchen installed, with a beautiful new island, you may want to have some rewiring done so that the island itself has a power supply for worktop appliances. 

When is the right time to re-wire? 

It is best to do any re-wiring at the start of your renovation project. You’ll want to get our experienced electricians in before the plasterers and definitely before any decorating. 
The most ideal situation is to book us for a preliminary visit so we can create an entire electrical system design for you. This will help you plan any future work. 

Do I need to re-wire ? 

If through conducting an EICR (an electrical safety test) we find that you have faults within your electrical system then a full rewire may be required to ensure the overall electrical safety. It’s important for this to be carried out as negligence could result in serious injury and a hazardous fire risk. 

What does re-wiring Involve? 

Re-wiring projects vary in size, duration and complexity. The first step is a full audit of the existing electrical system. Then we will be able to create a new design based on your requirements. Next we will start the work and conduct the electrical re-wiring. 

How much does it cost? 

Prices for re-wiring vary significantly depending on the amount of work that needs doing, the overall complexity, the property type and other factors. For a full quote for your re-wiring project, get in touch with us today.. 
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